Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dementia and Caring, With Thanks to my Local Carer Center

I have been traveling around in my 22 hours I get a week for the last months trying to meet as many people caring for a loved one as I can If you look back over my blog you will see all the carer centre and groups I have visited or been a guest speaker at, Dementia is a long term condition and it affects not only the person suffering but takes its toll on the families and carers i have met so many amazing people both at the groups and who work at the centers and many have a special place in my heart. A few months ago I joined my local carer group as this journey was taking its toll on my wee mum and I ,.we have faced a few issues lately and I  just have to say thank you  to Linda who runs my local center, It’s a relief to have someone take time to look at how we live and our needs  this allows me more time to concentrate on caring for my mum and I am getting good advice on what help is available to allow me to continue caring for my mum at home ,she is also working closely with our social worker who I have to say came to my recue when my mum lost day care and helped fund the cost of a befrienders service (I always thought befrienders  was a free service supplied by charities )anyway for all the things we wish we had or are not available at this time we have to celebrate the good help that’s out there and protect it .i would advise anyone caring for a loved one to call their local carer center and get advice,i know its not for everyone all i can say is I wish I would have ,long before I did
it goes back to the old saying help the carer through this journey ,that will allow them the time and strenth to care for somone they love


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