Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Local Elections Scotland, Come and Read Some Life Stories ………….

Good Morning
Just a wee note to any local election candidates,if you have time and would like to meet and chat with a son and carer and read some letters from across Scotland about Dementia and all it brings or chat to a son who has cared for his amazing wee mum for 5 years then you are more than welcome to drop by for a cup of tea
The added bonus is you can meet my brave, amazing wee mum who struggles with dementia and has done for the last 5 years
As I am a carer I will be here day or night apart from the 22 hours I get a week to do shopping, awerness raising and getting out for some fresh air
You can also share my film and blog at the links below
Thomas carer and Joan amazing wee mum
Short film shown at parliament http://tv.enterprisescreen.co.uk/watch?v=347

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