Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Deputy First Minister Meeting Again May 8th

I will be back to meet with the Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon on May the 8th to update on the campaign, the carers I meet their thoughts and hand over the letters received since we last met ,As a son and long term carer I am grateful for this opportunity again and feel thankful we have someone in such a position who is willing to meet ,talk and listen to a son and carer  and read the letters sent from carers and families on living with and caring for a loved one with dementia This may well be the last opportunity I as a son or we get to take our life stories direct to our health minister, our own lives in our own words with no agenda other than raising awareness and trying to bring a better understanding on how we live and feel so I hope if you have a story to share you can send for me to take ,I honestly believe in the life stories I receive ,I have to believe in them ,we have a chance to help others who will face the journey we have faced in the future lets not waste it

Life stories direct from the people living that life ,who better than us to tell the story ,no one knows better than us how we live, or our needs


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