Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dementia the Struggle, Caring the Struggle Every Day We Struggle

Good Morning ,
My wee mum Joan has suffered with dementia for 5 years now ,for the last 4 years I have struggled to care for her .We have both struggled to understand ,struggled to get through each day, Struggled with the illness, struggled with loneliness, struggled with isolation and struggled to get consistent advice and care  
There are many things out with our reach in life these days .I believe we will always struggle until there is a better understanding of dementia and caring across the whole of society. Funding and polices can change things not as much as awareness and understanding throughout society in my eyes
Dementia feels like a taboo subject across much of society in my eyes, not to be discussed, in my opinion this is a big mistake, bring it to the forefront and lets start talking openly and honestly about dementia and caring for a loved one .listen to the experiences of families living with this illness, and design a better future for families who will face this tragedy in the years ahead

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