Monday, 13 August 2012

5 years today, I have cared for my mum, this weekend has been the toughest to bare …..

Well it was August 13th 20007 I returned home to visit my mum and our lives changed forever that day. As I mentioned before I was in the middle of witting a year by year summery for my blog for toady, to mark the 5th year .With my mum being taken in to hospital on Friday the dynamics of our life has changed once again, We have faced many emotions over the last 5 years from heartbreak to Joy and many times all in one day. This weekend has been a struggle,I got such a shock on Friday when my mum took unwell and have not quite recovered yet. But the bigger issue on my mind  on visiting my mum as has happened so often before is  how my mum recovers that matters and is of the greatest concern .As a son who has been by my mums side I know she will not recover to how she was on Thursday never mind how she was 5 years ago. At each crucial point on this journey my mum has faced big dips in her health, awareness, and abilities to mention but a few .and more than anyone I know how she will struggle this time to recover once again .the painful loneliness that life caring for loved one brings has been increased beyond belief this weakened, I feel helpless and just want my wee mum home to her house with her Son
I would like to thank the Ambulance crew for all they done on Friday and the nurses for taking time last night to talk to me about my mum ,her needs and her life

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