Thursday, 2 August 2012

Can you help a son and carer raise awareness and bring more understanding on Dementia and caring?

Good Morning
August the 13th will be 5 years to the day since I came home to visit my mum and all my fears and worries from a distance became more clear and true. That my wee mum was not doing to well and our journey to find out what was wrong ,being diagnosed with Dementia and my life as a carer for my wonderful wee mum began .Even then I still thought I would take a short break from working and get my mum back on her feet and we would be ok .It never worked out like that a few months became a year ,then two ,years and now 5 My mum has faced so much over the 5 years and I as a son have struggled by her side and to bare witness ,and yes my heart is broken ,this is my we mum the hardest working kindest, most loyal caring woman I have ever known .we like to many others did understand what was happening and what was ahead and live a life of loneliness and isolation and this is the very basis of my campaign ,to bring more understanding  across a wider society on dementia and caring and its why I believe our life stories in our own words is the best way to do this .i truly believe by sharing our stories  and taking them to decision makers ,care providers ,local authorities and to a wider public then others who will face what we are facing will in the future have a better understanding on Dementia ,caring and help available .We all have dreams of care we would wish for ,but for me not knowing about ,help ,advice ,or understanding that is available is a tragedy in itself  ,that’s why I raise awareness and I hope you can help me by sharing your thoughts opinions or life stories and if you do I give you a promise that I will take them to people who need to read them to raise awareness and understanding  on the lives  we lead in order to help others        
How amazing would that would be  in the midst of our own struggles we all helped others have a better Experience  than we had or are having
You can send your thoughts, opinions and life stories to tommy@i-woz-there.con
Thank you
Son, full time carer ,awareness campaigner

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