Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tomorrow will be 5 years to the day since I came home to visit my mum and our lives change forever

August 13th 2007 was the day I returned home to Scotland to visit my mum and our lives changed forever, A few days ago I started trying to write about that day and the 5 years since and all we have been through ,With my mum being taken into hospital on Friday and being very unwell . it has  been more  difficult than usual to think clearly ,Thinking clearly at the best of times while witnessing your mum succumb to all that dementia brings and trying to care 24/7 is a difficult task but I will write this when my mum gets home to her house with her son .I  cry a lot these days but never as much as the last couple ,I don’t know what to do sitting here alone at home when my mum needs me.We build routines  that get us both through each hour and day and all I can think of is someone reassuring my mum ,is she scared ,is she thirsty ,is she ok ,even last night I got up 4 times  in the middle of the night to look in her room to check on her ,but she was not there So I will write about our 5 year journey to date soon ,I just want to get my wee mum home first and make sure all of the above questions I ask myself   are questions I can help with and be by her side to try and answer

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