Thursday, 9 August 2012

Last Night Inspired by the people at my talk at Allsa Hospital Croy Day Hospital the memories of childhood holidays


I am just home from doing a wee talk and meeting carers and families who attend   and receive services from Ailsa Hospital Croy Day Hospital  with great thanks to June for inviting me and the inspiring  kind people who attended .once again we had a mixture of circumstances and emotions people who like me are currently caring ,some who have loved ones in residential care and some whose loved one have passed  away ,all of us connected by this illness Dementia, all facing similar struggles and emotions even though  we are at different parts of the Journey Dementia brings.It was
a strange start for me, this was only the 9th time I have left my house at night over the last well nearly 3 years ,the other 8 occasions where also for talks, all of my other awareness  meetings,
or work has taken place in the day time .I felt quite uncomfortable on the hour long train Journey there, almost telling myself ,I should not be out in the evening  this was accompanied by some loneliness and sadness as the train travelled down the coastline and memoires of childhood holidays with my mum and dad came flooding back .As I sat there thinking about life I almost broke down thinking back to those days along with  the realization that my mum will never see that coastline or any other for that matter again ,as she grows weaker by the day and is  mostly  confined to bed or at best the chair in her room ,but meeting the amazing people tonight to share my campaign and hear their experiences  ensured that my journey home would leave me feeling less alone and more inspired to keep going ,to keep raising awareness and keep the loneliness at bay
So along with thanking them for attending I want to thank them for inspiring me .in fact on the train home I wished I had sent my self a postcard
Down by the sea, having a lovely time, with lovely people, wish you where here, I for one am glad I was, thank you the campaign continues see you soon and thank you for the kindess shown and the letters


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