Friday, 24 August 2012

Positive Meeting yesterday with NHS gg&c Dementia Nurse Consultants to discuss future talks and involvement

I have a few hours cover today  and I will be meeting Con Gillespie and Sandra Shields both nurse consultants on dementia for NHS gg&c to discuss future talks and involvement .I first met Con at a presentation talk I was invited to do for department heads at gg&c NHS  a few months back and we are looking at ways we can work together and involve my letters and campaign in some of the nursing training. I will also be speaking at an Event for acute services Con has coming up in October at the royal Alexandria Hospital lecture theatre As a carer I am grateful for the chance to be involved in future projects and talks and look forward to speaking about caring for my mum, the letters I receive and people I meet on my tour
 as with all i do ,i do this as a son ,carer and on a voluntary capacity during my 14 hours cover per week
With great thanks to Con and Sandra, the meeting today was very positive and as a son caring for my mum I am greatly encouraged by some of the discussion today and feel inspired by how willing they are to listen discus and involve .i left the meeting feeling very positive and impress by how much time and effort they are putting into the involvement of families and carers like me .i hope my personal experience caring for my mum and the letters and correspondence I receive can help and be part of all the other work they do and are planning to do ,today felt like a good day for carers and families like mine and for the amazing families who send me life stories to help others  

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