Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Calling the doctor out, a wee update

Well the doctor has been and gone and my wee mum has a wee infection and I have been given some antibiotics, to be honest that’s a relief at this stage as we can clear the infection, with my mums dementia underlying symptoms can have big impacts on her Dementia, also had my mums social worker round today to discuss where we are and how we approach the next part of this journey. I personally have always  felt a few steps behind over most of the Last 5 years caring for my mum and I am now  determined to be a step ahead to give her the best care possible .I had an honest chat with the doctor about where we are and have made an appointment for Friday to discuss further and in more I will sign off with this thought today I just love my wee mum she is just brilliant and her smiles light up my life even on the hardest of days

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