Saturday, 25 August 2012

Speaking at the SNP conference this October 2012

In my quest to raise awareness on dementia and Caring I try at every opportunity during my 14 hours cover each week to raise awarerness. part of that includes trying to, make contact with Msps, MPs and local authorities, some get back some ignore ,anyway I am happy to say I have had a reply re my request to speak at the SNP conference about caring for my mum, the letters I receive and the people I meet when out raising awareness ,so I say thank you for this opportunity to speak to some of the decision makers and I hope a few attend the room I will be speaking in, mid October up in Perth. I hope some of the others I have asked will allow me the privilege and opportunity to speak at their events/conferences as a son and full time carer with openness and honesty and on behalf of the other carers like me across the country

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