Sunday, 26 August 2012

If my mum could remember my dad for a day, it would take most of this pain away

 It’s a Sunday and I have been sitting with my mum in her room keeping her company and sometimes during the quieter moments away from all that dementia and caring brings especially at this stage of my mums journey I often think of my dad ,I now accept because I have too in order to keep going that my mum has lost her long and most of her short term memory ,and that I am her son ,in may ways  I have to accept that but would give to world for my mum to remember my dad even for just a day .I feel selfish when I remember him, the man she met ,fell in love with ,her only ever boyfriend she had and the man she was married to for 44 years and nursed in his dying days ,I would give anything for her to remember him like I do even for a day even for an hour
My mum and dad how lucky I am to be their son



  1. So heartfelt, Tommy. I sympathize. One week after Mom's death, my dad had no recollection of her or their 66 years of marriage. Heartbreaking.

  2. Touching and heartbreaking post Tommy. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences and stories. :)


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