Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My wee mum getting home tomorrow to her house and son

I have just had a chat with the consultant at the hospital  and we are looking to get my wee mum home today .we have lots to do to make this happen including getting my  mums GP ,District  nurses ,CPN and SW  all involved in an in tensed  package of home care for a few weeks to aid her recovery .(I do all my mums personal care at the moment with district nurses in once a week )My mum is on new medication now and I know her needs better than anyone so I feel if all is safe and ok medically then we should get her home my mums room has been ready ,revamped and organised to suit all her new needs over the last couple of days and her son misses her, so I hope we can all work together and make this happen once again thank you to the Ambulance crew for their swift action last week and for all on ward 25 for being ,understanding ,attentive and including me in all discussion on my mums condition ,needs and life .I am fully aware how much this has affected my mum and hope she can recover the best she can and even  more aware today where we are in my mums journey with dementia and other health matters ,I just want to get her home

update coming home tomorrow now...........................i have to go to hospatial to learn a few wee things and have to make sure district nurses can attend our house  each day for a couple of weeks to check how mum is recovering


  1. Glad to hear your lovely wee mum is coming home xxxx

  2. Excellent news Tommy. It's been a hard week mentally and physically for you but I'm sure that once she is home both of you will breath a sigh of relief. Also being home in her own home with all of her things around her...and of course her "boy" will aid her journey to recovery. Absolutely delighted for you both xxx


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