Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Calling the doctor out,

Calling the doctor out,

A few months back my wee mum took a big dip in her health and awareness and its been pretty tough since and to be honest most of the way through this journey. We have tried to adapt the best we can with a shift in out abilities and with a new routine to get through each day I have noticed another wee dip culminating in my mum not seeming very well this morning, its all guess work on my part as my mum has barely said a word for months and its all about  her eyes and smile but I feel more concerned today and hope this is an easy underling problem to fix as each time my mum has these big dips we never fully recover ,so I have called the doctor out to have a wee look and hope its not another permanent change to my wee brave mums life, like  all the others we have faced over the years with this tragic illness


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