Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My mum being in Hospital has left me lost, lonely and too much time to think

My wee mum has been in hospital now for 4 days and it feels like an eternity,I have not really recovered from the shock of walking in my mums room and finding her so distressed and unwell and it all happened so quickly .Deep inside I try and prepare myself for the inevitable that lye’s ahead at this stage of our journey caring for my mum, her battle with Dementia for 5 years and other health issues .Friday has shown me I am no where near prepared ,can we ever be prepared ? I have always had great respect  and love for both my parents and  this has been intensified during the last years caring for my mum and witnessing all she has faced and has in so many brought us closer than we have ever have been ,no matter how hard dementia tries to distance us .up to now we always talk about how much my mum needs me to care ,comfort and help her ,well I sit here today realizing how much I need her, I am lost in this house without her and worry all day how she is and how she is doing my mother may rely and need her son in order to be cared for at home ,this son certainly needs his wonderful mum


  1. Isn't it strange Tommy to realise just how much you need your Mum...I think most carers are just too busy providing the love and care their loved one needs with no thought to themselves. I'm sure so many reading your blog will empathise with how you are feeling.

    Sometimes we need to go through that dark tunnel to give us the strength to carry on. Remember even at your lowest so many people are thinking of you and your Mum....they are walking with you Tommy. So when you feel at your lowest try and let that thought comfort you.

    I hope your Mum is still on course to come home on Friday got everything crossed she is home soon.

    Take care x

  2. You are in my thoughts and your mother is in my prayers. Take this time for yourself to eat well, take a walk and work on all the good plans you have for the community. Believe the hospital professionals will care well for her when you are not visiting. God bless you ! Joanne/@ScoutyAZ


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