Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Carr Gomm my great friends ,a wee thank you


I popped into see all the gang who work at Carr Gomm yesterday (they have an office at the top of my street ) to thank them for the great support they have given my campaign and I over the last year .I first met them just over a year ago when I asked if I could put  a Tommyontour poster in their window and that was the start of a great friendship. Irene ,Christine and all the team have been allowing me to use their office for printing ,photocopying all the things I don’t have in my house and need to raise awareness but more than that friendship , I have had great emotional support from Irene ,I have laughed, cried been angry and sad and always been welcomed  with words of advice and support ,support that is much needed caring for someone you love ,even though they don’t supply services to me as I do most of my mums care alone ,you would think they did with all they have done to help me personally ,everyone should walk through a door one and meet people like Irene and her team ,I am glad I did .and appreciate all they have done for this son ,carer and awareness campaigner  


Carr Gomm

Carr Gomm is a not-for-profit organization and we work throughout Scotland.  Our Values and Person Centered approach is extremely important to all of us and we think about it every day of our working lives. We believe that all people are the same and they want the same basic things in life.  Things like a roof over our heads, being respected, feeling valued and having meaningful relationships. We work with people for lots of different reasons.  It might be that they are older and need support to remain at home or they have addiction or mental health difficulties or they need support because they have a spinal injury or brain injury.


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