Monday, 13 August 2012

My wee mum is doing better and I hope to get her home by Friday

Just back from the evening visit and my wee mum was looking better ,I cant tyou ell how much of a relief that is .They might give my mum  a small blood transfusion in the morning depending on the hemoglobin results over the last  three days.They are monitoring new medication that is health related and  not dementia  and I hope we can get her home .As much as I am grateful for the attention of the doctors and nurses on the ward who have been great over the last couple of days ,being in hospital much longer  is not good for my mum as there is too much going on and she gets a wee bit frightened and more confused but the main thing they check everything while my mum is there ,the other obvious thing to me is that the dynamics of my mums care needs will have changed when she gets home as its been a tough experience and my mum after being unwell for so many years never quite recovers ,As we always do we will try our best to adapt and get through whatever lyes  ahead .I hope I sleep tonight its been an uneasy few days after the fright we got along with my mum not here and worrying how she is coping in a strange environment
Thank you to all the amazing people out there for the kind messages, its greatly appreciated from this son and carer
Thank you

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  1. Oh Tommy that's great news got my fingers and toes crossed your Mum is home in her own wee house with you on Friday. You know that so many people are routing for you both and I'm sure you will have any new care needs sorted very are a son in a million. Anything I can do to help you only have to shout. Get yourself some hot milk and into bed and you will sleep tonight. Take care xxx


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