Thursday, 16 August 2012

My wee mum is home, and it’s great to have her back

 Well my wee mum Joan is back home and I its great to have back in her house, she is doing well and has a wee smile back on her face lots of changes to my mums medication and our routines to try and figure out today ,but then that’s part of caring and has been a theme over the last 5 years .Its been a tough week firstly the shock of my mum taking so unwell so quickly and the worry that brings also I have been lost for the last week .sitting in this house worrying about my mum in hospital worrying is she ok ,does she understand and how do we adapt and move forward .I really did not know what to do with myself but she is home now  and we find a way to keep going ,adapt and do the best we can ,once again thank you to the ambulance staff last week and all at ward 25 for taking time to involve ,understand and care for my mum and the kind lovely people who have sent kind comments and wishes that helped ease the worry and chase the loneliness away ,thank you
So I leave you with a wee photo of my mum, my best pal, at home and I try and figure out all this new medication and a new routine, onwards and upwards

also a wee mention to my mums SW who has been a great help over the last 2 months with a few struggles we have faced


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  1. Great news that your wee Mum is home, Tommy and that she has had such good care and support. Hope the new meds will keep her settled and smiling. Love to both and keep raising awareness! Gill


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