Saturday, 4 August 2012

For The Love of Mum............................

 well its late on Friday night and this is where I struggle this painful loneliness that caring brings is painful to bare sometimes and a constant on  my mind ,but then nothing in comparison to the pain I feel in my heart for my wee mum A week on Monday will be five years to the day since I came home from my travels feeling sorry for myself as my long term girlfriend  and I had split up  (my fault I have to add )to visit my mum and our lives changed forever As I sit awake as I do each night going over how we made it through today and hoping we can make it through tomorrow .as I have done for 5 years now, I have some  bigger questions on my mind ,what happened to us ? What is happening to my amazing we mum and how do i give  and get her the best care I can and how do we carry on,? well I always arrive at  the same answer FOR  THE LOVE OF MUM that’s why I do it  ,that’s why  others do it ,LOVE,  against all odds carers and families like mine all across the world do it for love and I just love my wee mum  and that’s enough to get us through tomorrow

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