Friday, 24 August 2012

My wee mum doing so much better since coming home

Good Evening
Well my wee mum has been home for a week now since the shock of her seizure a few weeks back and her week in hospital and the change is quite remarkable ,she is so much brighter ,a bit stronger and her smile is wider and more often, along with her awareness. something good may have come from being in hospital and getting a proper check over instead of a glance over blinded to often  by the fact she has dementia ,all her medication has been changed ,something I try my hardest to be vocal about but often without being heard. Its amazing to hear my mum say the odd word over the day ,to hear her voice something I thought I might be on the verge of never hearing again and that smile is back a smile that says  more than words can sometimes and the squeeze of my hand with more strength than has been for a while.I know this can change as quickly as it came but we cherish every great moment in a head on battle with the difficult ones.This son is as happy son  tonight as he has been in a long time and its all in a smile ,a squeeze of the hand and a voice however little its is over a day returned ,its magic pure magic with she is facing she still has the ability to bring magic to our lives .she is stronger than me and I thank her for that

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