Saturday, 11 August 2012

Just back from the hospital and my wee mum is settled and stable

Well it’s the morning after the night before and it was an uneasy night to say the least .i was down at the hospital this early  morning and would like to thank the nurses for letting me sit for a wee while to comfort my mum and probably me, as apart from the few hours I go out each week for my awareness campaign its been pretty much just me and my mum at home alone for the last 4-5 years .They are monitoring my mum at the moment as  her levels are dropping and rising and are looking at all the medication she is on to find out what the cause is and  have said it will be at least 4-5 das she has to stay in. As much as I know she is in the best place at this time I am worried about how she will be as she gets fearful if I am not around  and we have so many routines  each day and night to keep my mum as comfy we can ,I have left the nurse a long list of things I do each day and  hope they understand why.To see my mum outside this house and her room it really hit me today how frail she is .As  I left today my we mum who has barley said a word in months and has not mentioned my dad in years asked me to do the one thing that I cant ,she said get your dad and those three words sit heavy on my heart as I type this blog  because I truly wish I could and i just want my wee mum home in her house with her son
 thank you for all the kind messages recieved since last night ,thank you


  1. Oh Tommy my heart is with you and your Mum. Its a difficult few days for you both but she'll be home soon you just try and take care ready for her coming home x

  2. Oh this is so sad to read let's hope they can find out what's wrong and get her home to the house with her wonderful son.
    Tommy you are amazing, I did exactly the same as you but sadly my mum passed away 3 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't wish she could come home, I'm about to become a granny and I know my mum would have loved to have been here but I just think that she's beside me all the time and that helps.
    Just try and get out and do something , I know you are missing her, but whilst shes being cared for at hospital treat yourself, even if it's just a meal out , you deserve it x

  3. So sorry, Tommy.

    One week after my mom died of Alzheimer's, my dad moaned, "Where is that woman I admired?"

    So sad, yet so profound--I've never been able to shake the feeling those words evoked in me. They'd been married for 66 years.

    It's so hard to remain strong as your parent lingers on this side of eternal life's door, yet, catches glimpses through the keyhole and struggles to push the door open to afterlife.


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