Sunday, 5 August 2012

With thanks from a son and carer

Well it’s Sunday morning and my wee mum has had her morning bath and breakfast and her smile is all I need to keep me going .I won’t deny the struggles we have faced or how my heart is broken for all my mum has been through. After 5 years facing Vascular Dementia and trying to HOLD on to every strand of awareness, abilities, strength and memoires my wee mum is mainly confined to bed as she is very weak but not confined in her ability to inspire and make my heart sing. I have been close to falling apart so many times over this journey caring for my mum but the greatness of her life and who she is stops that happening no matter how close we get some days, and when I add the amazing people who have sent me life stories, thoughts, opinions and who I have met on my awareness campaign in person and through social media such as Twitter and Facebook it only reinstates the resolve ,love ,kindness and care so many people have for loved ones and for others .So I would just like to Thank You  to my AMAZING wee mum and the amazing people who against all odds give love ,care and inspiration to others to keep going.Dementia can take many things away from people who may suffer with the illness but not their greatness, not in my eyes and not in the eyes of so many other families across the world  
So thank you mum and thank you all the amazing people who are sitting this morning having breakfast inspiring a son and his mum


  1. Hi Tommy, You are right when you say you do this for love. I have came to that same conclusion so think on. Who showed you this love? A mother's love is different from any other love. You are the lucky one to have experienced this. That is why you are so pained. Love is the answer,its written on angels wings(Westlife).Believe me my friend you will be strong and you are showing everyone that your mum matter's but SO DO YOU TOMMY.Take care you are not alone in this and kisses to mum Joan and some for you 2 xxx

    1. thank you for the lovely comments you have lifted my spirits ,tommy


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