Friday, 31 August 2012

Earlier Today, speaking to SW service mangers

Well I have a few hors respite cover this morning and I will be heading over to social work Glasgow head office to speak at their service managers meeting
All the people attending manage council .social work run residential care homes, thanks to Ann and Stephen for setting this up and I look forward to speaking about caring for my mum, the letters,I receive and the people I meet on my tour .i will also be handing out reports on my tour as with all I do this will be on a voluntary basis and to help if I can raise awareness and understanding on dementia and caring
my awarness campaign continues ,thank you
With great thanks to Angie for chairing and to  all who attended earlier today and for allowing me to talk about caring for my mum, the letters I receive and the families I meet on my tour I felt it went ok  and  look forward to meeting some of those who attended at future talks mentioned today after my talk and for the feedback thank you
Thank you

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