Thursday, 16 August 2012

a plea from a son and carer please RT and share

Firstly its great to have my wee mum back home from hospital August 13th was 5 years to the day that I became my mums carer to try my best to help her through all that dementia was to bring After 3 years as my mum struggled with dementia and other health issues ,I struggled as a son to bare witness and almost fell apart by her side .That’s when I started my campaign ,I wanted to find out how others coped and if it was me who could not  if it was me alone then someone could fix that and help ,so I started my campaign with a walk round Scottish Cities and towns to collect life stories with the promise that if anyone shared I would take them to decision makes and the care sector, A promise to date I have kept, meeting with our Deputy first minister several time since to discuss and hand over the letters I receive along with local Authorities and NHSand have now I believe good relationships with some good people who are listening to our  thoughts and opinions I have had motions raised at Glasgow and Edinburgh city councils very soon a cross party group will be formed at GCC  to  work on this motion and a report published by SW Glasgow  .I also have many talks lined at NHS events and I am working on ideas for a new Dementia Awarerness film, all of this I do voluntarily at my own cost and in my 14 hours cover per week ,but to take this to the next level I need more thoughts opinions and life stories .I firmly believe we are best placed to design ,advise and help guide a better future for all. Our lives in our words without guidance our experiences good or bad can help others who will face what we have faced ,so I hope if you read this you will help me take my awareness campaign to the next level and add to the hundreds of amazing people who have already shared their experiences in order to help others
You words will help with my new projects all based on awareness on dementia and caring
Motion Glasgow city council  
New awareness film based on life experiences
Dementia through art exhibition
Talks and reports in our words and experiences within the carer sector and to a wider public
I hope you can help this son and full time carer do his best to raise awareness you can e mail me direct at
Thank you
Carer for mum

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