Thursday, 30 August 2012

One person, living two different lives,

 I had Linda from my local carer center over earlier today helping with some advice and to find a way to adapt to the big changes lately to my mums needs and mines as a son and carer. We had a conversation about me, that doesn’t happen to often. As son and carer my passion and desire is to care for my mum the  best I can and like most carers my well being is quite far down the list of priorities. So I will say this to anyone caring, take time for yourself, take time to allow yourself to be the person you when’re before caring .a lot easier said than done and I may not be the best example and certainly no role model but Linda is right, my life at home in every way is different from the person who goes out campaigning and raising awareness’ I am certainly of different confidence and being when I am out doing my talks ,at meeting or campaigning (even though I speak with honesty about my life as a carer ) I certainly feel taller and my shoulders are higher for 14 hours a week ,The Thomas at home is full of worry ,concern ,self doubt and loneliness and that takes its toll on our abilities to care and keep some of the person you used to be. my mission now personally is to bring the two different me’s closer together, hold on to the best bits of both and lose the bits that weigh heavy on my shoulders

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  1. Sounds like Linda is a great support, and her suggestions to be acted upon. Maybe you can carve out time in your schedule for Tommy, whether walking in the park, having coffee with a friend or seeing a movie at the theater. Using an affirmation each day, such as "I am an excellent carer, filled with love for Mum and myself". Blessings to you and your Mum. ~ Joanne/@ScoutyAZ


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