Monday, 20 August 2012

Looking for more opportunities to speak about caring for my mum and the letters I receive

 I have been doing quite a few awareness talks lately about caring for my mum, the letters I receive and people I have met on my tour  I hope if you read this and you have any events or work with carers you will consider inviting me, its all about awareness raising in its truest form and I have reports on my campaign I can share with all who attend all I ask is some help towards  my travel costs as I am a carer and a bit of notice so I can arrange appropriate cover for my wee mum
My passion is to care for my mum the best I can and raise awarerness on dementia and caring I hope you can help me meet others
My e mail is

voluntary talks coming up
 August 24th
   Meeting con Gillespie and Sandra Shields nurse consultants for dementia for NHS gg&c to discuss future talks and involvement  
    August 27th
     Attending the launch of BletherBox Dementia community online forum   Perth
August 31st
    Guest speaker social work Glasgow service mangers meeting   speaking at mid day
  September 3rd
Social care ideas factory launch of Trade School Glasgow  
  September 13th
     Lockerbie carers support group   10:30 AM I SPEAK need to get a train takes around 1hour 20
 September 26th
    Guest speaker at NHSGG&C event Royal Alexandria Hospital  Time TBC
 October 5th
    Guest speaker at NHSGG&C event beardmore hotel Clyde ban  time TBC
 October 8th   
     Kirkintilloch Baptist Church ( East Dunbartonshire council )  
 October 12th
         Bearsden Baptist Church ( east Dunbartonshire council )  
     October 18th
carers link dementia support group

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