Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Taking my mum for one last walk to the park,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I was outside last night bringing in the washing and it was cold , if felt quite wintery in fact .As I walked up to put the washing in the cupboard all I could think of was  how my mum being so frail and where we are in our journey that I need to get her out of the room ,the bed ,the house for one last time. Our life now at home is spent upstairs, my mums room faces mine and that’s where we spend our days .I go down stairs to cook and do washings and have only sat in our sitting room a handful of times over the well nearly a year, and that’s only if we have someone visit which happens very rarely and only to discuss my mums health really. I got to thinking how much our world has shrunk. Shrunk too two rooms. Apart from my respite hours that I use to raise awareness not only have we been confined to our house for months but its smaller than that we are confined to our rooms, with me popping in and both countless time over a day, then up and down the stairs with drinks food and so on and as much as my mum is very weak and whatever the definition of end of life care is, months, years  we are running of time and chances for my mum to see the Sun, the Sky the outside world ,so my mission this week is to get my mum dressed and push that wheelchair to the park along the road and sit and watch the world go by and lock that memory firmly in my mind .this might take a lot out of my mum, but I feel its important, it feels very important to me right now ,everything is against us,health,weather, oppertunities but we have to take it when it comes even if its for one last time

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  1. What a touching and very determined post. Taking your Mum to enjoy being outside is a great idea! Being outside and seeing the trees, birds and people could be very therapeutic for both of you. Good luck with your mission! :)


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