Friday, 17 August 2012

Never slept a wink last night, worrying after the shock last week

good morning
Well my wee mum  got home from hospital yesterday and this house feels warm again ,last night was a wrestles one ,after walking in last week to find my mum struggling with all her levels dropping including sugar at zero when the ambulance arrived, I am unable to sleep ,in fact I sat on her recliner chair till about 4 am just watching her sleep .Mum is on new medication and although I have had support and reassurance from the hospital that the new medication (and cancelation of 5 tablets she was on) that she will be fine I cant get the image of my mum being so helpless last week out of my head .I have to check her and keep a wee diary for a couple of weeks 5 times a day but we agreed that home is best for my mum if I can do this ,so a few sleepless nights ahead I feel until I can feel assured she is ok

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