Saturday, 11 August 2012

Just back from visiting my mum and I just want to bring her home

The last few years have brought many things to out lives and far to much sadness, I can’t remember ever feeling as sad as I felt walking out of the hospital tonight. To walk in and see my wee mum lying lost and alone in a position that is alien to her and me was not the best start my mum has changed wards since today and my hints and tips on my mums needs must have been left there, anyway I got my mum sat and propped up and was told she was not eating today so mashed up a banana then another and two cookies later she was looking better ,but its all changed ,as has happened to often through this Journey with dementia, big changes come at a pace and I know in my heart how we where before my mums seizure last night will not be returned to and as I sat there she would not let my hand go or take her eyes of me and I just want to bring her home to her own house to her own room to her own bed and to her son and keep her loved and safe but its not that simple ,I have learnt from my mums eyes over the last years how well she feels or is and feel uncomfortable with what her eyes told me tonight ,so I go to bed in this quiet lonely house and cant wait to get back over and see my brave wee mum

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  1. It's so hard for you to have to hand over the care to the hospital and I totally empathise with your feelings Tommy. Of course you feel so sad but I know you will be brave and so very strong till you get down to see her again first thing tomorrow. Hopefully if you are allowed to stay with your Mum for most of tomorrow she will respond enough to maybe even get home. Will say a prayer for both of you tonight and remember while you may be on your own there are many many people who have you both in their hearts and minds tonight....


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