Monday, 20 August 2012

A wee update on life at home,,,,,,,,,,,

Well my wee mum has been home since Thursday, after 5 days in hospital the shock of my mums seizure is a constant in my mind just now .After 5 years caring for my mum part of me thought or tries to prepare for the worst last week has proven that’s false thinking and unachievable in many ways I don’t have the words to describe my feelings and fears, but I will say this i need my mum as much if not more than  she needs me. I was lost in this house last week without my mum its, was painful and had taken the loneliness we share and feel to an almost impossible level but she is home and amazingly doing ever so well in fact I see an improvement that is quite hard to believe ,that in itself poses more questions than answers .I try with all my heart to give my mum the best care possible and as much I don’t expect anyone to have the same love or desire to care for her I do expect them keep an professional eye on all her health needs and try and see past the dementia so I ask myself why is my mum doing better ,why is she only on 5 pills a day now and not the 14 she was on before being admitted ,is this another case of dementia blinding the vision of other health opinions ,I have many questions  to ask and I hope to get the answers that satisfy my heart ,mind and soul
My we mum ,its so good to have her home, be her son, and this house is more like a home again

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