Tuesday, 13 November 2012

55, 000 thank VIEWS for the support .for reading my wee blog

My wee blog about life caring for my mum, our awareness campaign and life since my wee mum passed away 7 weeks ago reached 55,000 views this morning ,I know that this is repeat views and so on  but I am so grateful and its encouraging that so many people care and keeps my campaign going as do the life stories I receive with so many people facing struggles like we did .The campaign to raise awareness on both dementia and caring  will continue and grow we have many more life stories to collect and much more to do
Thank you for following our wee badly written story

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  1. My heat is with you. May we soon get a govenment that actualy cares about the vulnerable and our emergancy services! There are so many people involved and they are all being alianated by Govenment attitude and actions! Very best wishes Andrew Tollett


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