Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dementia, our struggle, caring my struggle, recovering a new struggle

It was a struggle that my overwhelming memory of my mums 5 year journey with dementia and my journey as a son trying to carer for her ,of course there where good and great days ,but not enough as my mum struggled to cope and I struggled to witness there where to many dark and difficult days and most of it come down to lack of understanding ,lack of understanding from us and by far to many people who claim to know better ,finding out about services to late and on too many occasions advised by people who had no true idea on how we live and felt. Often with intentions that where good but without understanding of the implications that not getting that help quickly enough or in the correct manner had on our ability to live ,love and cherish and also the implications it has 24 hours day on our confidence abilities and happiness .and the good people stand out ,the people who added value ,head and shoulders above the rest and I am thankful for the part they played .but we never really stood a change and the last weeks of my mums life where are struggle like to many of the weeks ,months and years before and I sit here typing so begins the new struggle to recover ,live and find comfort in the good days .something elseI feel alone in how to recover ,the struggle continues and my campaign will continue so the next people who face what we have faced look back with less struggle as we did and as I do sitting here at home tonight missing my we mum and thinking ,if only and what if

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