Friday, 9 November 2012

Thank you all for the offers of help yesterday, off to Hampden for memories FC rehearsal

Well yesterday was a bit of a day ,I was meant to be in London for the Roses Awards (Tommyontour was on the shortlist ) but I missed my train  by I minute and was faced with buying a new ticket 3 times the price of the advance ticket ,something as a carer for 5 years and newly become job seeker I could not afford ,I was overwhelmed after mentioning my plight on my blog by the offers of from kind people offering to help out ,it was overwhelming ,but I have always tried to do this as a son I have to keep my dignity something that both my mum and I had questioned to often over the last 5 years ,but thank you it was so lovely to know that someone out there cares and just thank you .I am of to Hampden this morning to watch the rehearsals of a new project /play by Caledonian  University Memories FC ,Andy who has been the lead on this has kindly asked me to drop in to have a look and a chat ,The event is on at the end of November and details are on an earlier post ,I will update more later and don’t worry I have thankfully got my bus fare
Thank you for the kind hearts and offers yesterday ,this campaign is about people by people and yesterday once again showed me how kind and thoughtful people are  

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