Sunday, 25 November 2012

Today meeting to finalize outline for Carer engagement film with lads from Enterprise screen

For the last wee while I have been working with the lads from enterprise screen on a story board for a new film about Carer engagement .Hopefully I can take this idea and get (not for me in any way shape or form) some funding to allow us to make this A film much like my previous to help raise the profile of caring, and including the words and carers who write to me,their lives in their own words .A film that is free for all to view and use
I find it disturbing that in to many discussions and by those who often shout loudest that carers are defined by Costs or savings to Governments or local authorities. And the same numbers always being vocalized .for me Carer are more than that ,they are Husbands ,Wives ,sons ,Daughters ,brothers ,sisters ,they are people and my campaign has always been about people ,respect dignity and understanding
Does the wider society really know that much about the life of a carer or the loved one they care for I for one don’t think so ,and that’s what I hope this film helps in some small way change
as with all I do my part will be voluntary and as a son

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