Friday, 2 November 2012

My wee mum, Joan Whitelaw, I just miss her ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

 It has been 5 weeks since my wee mum passed away after 5 years living with and to often struggling with Vascular Dementia Life was never the same for my mum after my dad passed away 10 years ago and was certainly never the same since dementia knocked on our door My mum was incredible ,a kind ,loving caring person who treated everyone with respect  and kindness and all of those great things she had and gave where challenged and to often the challenge was to great .and I sit here trying to do my mum justice with words and I cant and sit here regretting the struggles we faced and how to often I was not up the challenge ,how to often we where let down by a lack of understanding from within and towards us and its painful inside to think back to how ill equipped we where and I don’t know how we managed but I know to often we did not and I regret the days it got much for me and that what this campaign is about raising awarerness and understanding so people understand and live better than we did ,so families understand more than we did ,and so no one looks back like I do with as much regret and pain My mum deserved better ,a better chance to live ,a better chance to understand .But dementia does not define my mum and although its raw and at the forefront of my mind ,it does not define her ,my mums name was Joan whitelaw  and she was the most incredible woman I have known and I miss her more than this blog can ever tell you
back in the arms of the man she loved ,my dad

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