Sunday, 11 November 2012

Life as job seeker starts tomorrow 9:30AM who knows what fate awaits me

Life as job seeker starts tomorrow 9:30AM who knows what fate awaits me
Well I have an Appointment at the Job Center tomorrow at 9:30am after 5 years being a full time carer for my mum and my 8 weeks grace period . This will include I believe a difficult conversation as I wont let a job get in the way of my campaign ,I am used to having no money after 5 years caring and my campaign is the most important thing in my life .I will hopefully get a wee job doing nightshift so I can keep my commitments and campaign growing .I  have to say i FEEL  dropped like a brick after the caring role came to an end ,not that to many people understood this role anyway but I was thinking last night there are services out there and its important people ask for help that is available as quickly as possible ,you know our life would have been a bit better if we asked or got help quicker in fact our life would have been better if we stayed in a different postcode and had support from some of the amazing people I have met such as GLASGOW North East Carers or Carers link in Milgavie or Carr Gomm but we where not allowed to access them along with great groups such as north and south Ayrshire carers along with many others I have visited and still to visit ,that’s the thing about taking this campaign across the country you see the difference in understanding in people and that’s the biggest help understanding and that does not cost much just time



  1. Best of luck you have many and varied talents let hope somebody quickly sees the benefit of recruiting you.

  2. Hi Tommy

    Cecilia from the Lewy Body Society here. I hope all went well with your Job Centre meeting today. Just to let you know we've updated our website with a link to your blog. Thank you for updating us :-) Cx


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