Thursday, 29 November 2012

Raising awareness my passion; this lonely house is my struggle

It has been another busy week trying to raise awareness .Over the last week I have been a guest speaker to NHS   charge nurses ,been at the first meeting of the GCC dementia working group based on my motion ,met with the Labour leader and shadow health secretary ,been a guest speaker at Angus Carers , today I am speaking at the launch of memories FC and tomorrow I will be speaking at East Renfrewshire Carers.This is a continuation of the work I tried to do whilst caring for my mum .Then I had 14 hours a week to do this ,now I have 7 days a week ,but then I had my wee mum by my side ,to care for and on the very limited hours I had ,i has mum to come home to ,It has been a busy week and I have been leaving early in the morning each day ,so its been dark when I leave and dark when I come home .And that’s where the struggle starts ,As I turn the corner to our street I see a house in darkens I automatically look to my wee mums room window and the lights  are off .,the lights where always on my wee in my mus  room as she  was confined to the house for the last year and her room for the last 6 months of her life and I have yet too  put the key in the front door without crying .I have yet to walk through that door without the struggle mum faced and saddeness  in my heart come rushing back ,I can do the awareness ,I can do the talks I just cant as of yet walk through this door without tears ,but then it was to hard a struggle to often and to hard to witness to often and more than that my we mum is worth crying for, my wee mum is worth more than the tears and she was most certainly worth more than she got  

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  1. Yes she's worth crying for.It's tough I know. She would be so proud of you. We are proud of you too for doing such a great job raising awareness..
    Take care , M


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