Thursday, 8 November 2012

Congratulations Louis Theroux on winning the roses award on Issues around dementia

Congratulations to Louis Theroux for winning the roses award on Issues around dementia

Well done to Louis Theroux for winning the roses award on issues around dementia and /or social care .Also well done to all winners and all who where shortlisted in London tonight .Unfortunately I was unable to attend as I missed my train and could not afford the price of a new ticket and had to return home I was proud to be on the shortlist and have been informed my campaign was given a special mention .One of the difficulties being a Jobseeker and campaigner is not being able to fulfill your passion, I hope my wee mum would have been proud her story got a mention even if her son could not be there to hear it


Best coverage of issues around dementia and/or social care (Barchester special award)
· BBC1: Panorama - Undercover: Elderly Care
· BBC2: Louis Theroux - Extreme Love: Dementia
· Tommy on Tour: One man's mission to raise awareness of dementia (blog)
· The Independent: Dealing with dementia: "My dad was treated like lost luggage on a carousel," by Arifa Akbar
· BBC Radio 4: Today - Adam Brimelow reports on a new approach to looking after people with severe dementia
· D4Dementia - dementia blog

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