Saturday, 10 November 2012

Carer Voices ,youre words can help others tommyontour

Dear all

I have been receiving feed back since the radio show based on my letters last week The reaction and feedback has been overwhelming and only increases my belief that carer stories in their own words is the most powerful way to get a message across
I feel with the letters  I have to date and still to collect  and the direct line to the Scottish government ,motions at councils and talks with the NHS and the continuing interest from all across the media  there are great opportunities to be heard and for more understanding and help to be made available

I have many more plans for the coming months including

3 monthly meetings with government civil servants and the new CAB health secretary (guaranteed for two years)
Academic papers on the life stories of families across Scotland
2 new films
Taking the life stories to local authorities as I have already in Glasgow and Edinburgh with motions passed at both
Raising awareness nationally through all media outlets
Talks across the NHS, Universities and colleges
99% of the life stories I receive are through my blog, or from media coverage and a few carer groups who have really got involved and behind this awareness campaign

I am writing, hoping and asking if as carers ,famileds ,carer center managers and people who work in the care and or voluntary sector would like to be part of this dementia carer voices project and work together .this would include forming writing groups or collecting life stories, thoughts or opinions from carers and families you are in contact with
I have hundreds of life stories so far but truly believe if we all without guidance and together captured the story of living with and caring for a loved one, we would have A story to powerful to be ignored a story by people to help people
No separate politics just carers .families and people who support us in our communities working together as one
In my experience caring for my mum the truth is enough and if heard will be the best guide to a better chance and life that we and to many others face pr faced
I hope you will get in touch if you are interested in sharing this with the carers you are in contact with and being part of the Dementia Carer voices project
This started as one story my wee mum Joans and has grown and been added to by many more Joans from across the country and beyond, you can help add more

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