Sunday, 11 November 2012

A campaign of hope ,A house full of tears

It as been 7 weeks since my wee mum passed away after her 5 years of a struggle with dementia and this is house is to sad and lonely without her as is my life .they say time is a great healer and I Know it has only been 7 weeks ,but I don’t believe them As my mum had no chance of recovering from this illness that as of yet we have no cure I have joined the list of thousands who are scarred by all dementia brings and recovery seems an impossible task  at this time but my mum has left me inspired by her life ,inspired by the person she was and even though dementia brought many changes and a struggle to far it cant take that away ,it may have sadden my heart but it cant take away the glory of my mum .but this house is still a house full of tears ,I have yet to make it through a day without tears but then tears where always nearby over the last years and months As my wee mum done so often in life she is still doing new she has gone she has left me with a campaign full of hope ,a campaign full of love and a campaign that WILL CONTINUE AND GROW ,so that no one faces what we and to many others have faced and no- one sits like I do today in a house full of tears on a journey that was to hard and a challenge to far
I miss my wee mum, I miss her smile ,her guidance and her love and I feel so proud to have been her son

my mum and dad how lucky I was


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