Tuesday, 20 November 2012

at the Alliance to start on my 2 year project Dementia Carer Voices

I will be popping into the alliance today to start work (Voluntary on my part) on the Dementia Carer Voices project based on my Tommyontour campaign
The Alliance will be facilitating this two year project supported by the Scottish Government, This has been built on the life stories people send me and I am grateful that the Deputy First Minister on reading the life stories has allowed this project to be supported and recognized. I hope this will allow us to make carers voices all it can be and bring, more understanding on both dementia and caring .I have many ideas, hopes and dreams and hope with support guidance and support from the Alliance in particular Irene Oldfather that we can take this project from my bedroom to a wider audiance and  take the words, thoughts opinions and life stories to the heart of government and help raise awareness across a wider society
This started with one story my wee mums and has been added to by many  more.I hope you can all join this project and help give families facing Dementia and caring for a loved one a voice
I do this as I have done from the first day as a son, with passion and with hope to bring more understanding and help, It’s to late for my wee mum but I hope it helps others in the future
You can get more info at the links below

please note i do this as a son and on a voluntary basis #rememberjoan

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