Thursday, 22 November 2012

Meeting today NHS gg&c non exec vice chair then Carers link to me made Honorary member

tomorrow I will be meeting with Peter Daniels Non Exec Vice chair NHS gg&c to chat about and update on my wee awareness  campaign .I have met with Peter before and I am hoping to discuss some idea I have along with  
my future plans for Tommyontour After that I will be attending the Carerslink AGM  I am very proud to have been informed that I have been made an honorary member of Carers Link for my awareness campaign,Its lovely and its been a tough few weeks here since my wee mum passed away and this campaign started with her story so I Really ,especially this and to receive this from  an amazing group of carers and people who support carers like I was in their community

Thank you and you have brought both a smile and some tears today and t look forward to the AGM and accepting on behalf of my wee mum and all the life stories and families I have met on my wee awareness campaign


Hi Tommy you have been nominated for Honorary Membership of Carers Link by a Carer because of your campaign to raise awareness for people with dementia.  The board unanimously agreed that you merit the Honorary Membership (only the third in our history) and it will be mentioned in Jennifer’s speech at the AGM.

Alex Sinclair

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