Thursday, 29 November 2012

Earlier today at memories FC - Tonight my first night out for dinner in 3 years

I am just home from the memories FC event at Hampden park (there are more details on this at the post below) I was one of the guest speakers at this day of discussion, reminiscence and a short football play entitled I left my heart  a quick thank you to Debbie ,Andy the team from Caledonian University their partners amongst others Alzheimer Scotland for inviting me and allowing me to do a short talk about my mum and memories. It was a great day and I found the play to be inspiring .I also met a few people who I have met before at events  including Henry Simmons (pictured with some of the team volunteers) and met some new friends who I hope will help me with more awareness talks .I had a good chat with Henry and cant forget that they funded my short film and gave me support during my walk around Scotland.So all in all it felt like a good day .I have been invited out for  dinner tonight by some of the people involved in this project to discuss future awareness work and this for me is quite an event ,I have only left my house at night around a dozen tines over the last years when caring for my mum and have yet to leave the house at night since mum  passed away .All my talks and meeting used to be in my 14 hours respite each week and lately in the daytime .It will certainly be the first time in A restaurant at night for the last 3 years .Something in my previous life I used to do many times a week .Dementia and caring changed that ,so I was not nervous about speaking today ,but I feel nervous about going out to eat tonight .strange but true and a reflection on just one of the changes long term conditions or caring can bring (give me a talk anyday its less nerve wracking ) So time to brush my teeth comb my hair and venture into the city

below Henry Simmons with some of the memories FC team

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