Sunday, 18 November 2012

A busy week, no disguising the loneliness at home or inside

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up and that was part of my coping mechanism whilst caring for my mum and is now my coping mechanism for life since mum passed away. Our campaign we started side by side, a campaign started as a cry for help really kept me focused and able and the theme is still the same .We like so many others facing or caring for a loved one with long term conditions or illness became isolated from the world outside and that theme has carried on .I feel strong and able when out working on this campaign, at meetings doing talks or working on future plans .I feel able and strong to talk about caring for my mum but that strength goes at home when thinking back to the last 5 years .we where lonely in amongst all the other challenges that dementia  brought and that has increased without my mum by my side. I miss her so much, but this campaign ,nothing will get in the way things that hold me back when at home feelings that I struggle with at home I leave them behind when I walk out this door as I had to do so often when caring for my mum I said once before I felt I lived two lives and that is still the case
On the positive side I have a busy couple of weeks ahead and my promise to my mum will continue, to raise awareness as best I can
November 19th using Alliance facilities to work on campaign ideas
November 21st meeting re dementia carer voices (Irene Oldfather)
November 22nd Speaking to NHS gg&c charge Nurses Gartanvel hospital via NHS gg&c
November 23rd meeting meeting peter Daniels non exec chair NHS gg&C to discuss ideas and involvement then attending Carer Link AGM (being made honorary member)
November 27th   meeting and setting up of Dementia working group at Glasgow City Council re my motion passed back in February based on the life stories I receive
 November 28th meeting and speaking with carers Arbroath carer centre Angus
November 29th memories FC Hapmden day 1 (speaking at launch)
November 30th Speaking at East Renfrewshire Carers   then back over to memories FC for day 2
Collecting life stories raising awareness

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