Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thank you DWP for asking for some of my mum’s pension back for the week she died?

Well I have just received a letter from the DWP stating that they would like me as my mums carer and appointee to pay back Moines from the week my mum died .State pensions are paid in advance and my mum died the day after her pension was paid in although on that day bills get paid By standing order as we lived a simple life week by week I have offered to pay back the money weekly from my jobseekers allowance if owed ,but you know my mum worked hard all her life and we tried to allow her the privilege of living at home ,mums pension was paid in before she died and they want the days back or the difference on days she was alive , morally they are probably correct  but it’s a bit hard after paying tax  working hard her life and all she faced ,but it will be paid back ,a bit harsh ,a bit cold but typical of the struggles we faced


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