Sunday, 18 November 2012

Today the official end to my life as a carer, but not the memories or struggle or heartbreak that takes a bit longer

Well that’s it I am officially no longer a carer, the grace period when a loved one dies is over I am now a job seeker and campaigner as opposed to a carer and campaigner But life is not that simple is it ,not as simple as a letter to say you have to report to the job center on Nov 19th ,my love for my wee mum does not stop today  the memories of the struggle we faced does not stop today  ,the pain inside my heart does not stop today and the mental scars I feel do not stop today and what certainly does not stop today is my passion and desire to raise awareness and try and make sure others understand more than we did ,get help quicker than we did and recover quicker than I will .I will not be taking a full time job ,I have a campaign to finish  they can keep my Job seekers  if they so wish  I am used to being poor 5 years of caring got me used to that ,although that was never  real issue for me its respect  dignity and understanding I campaign for .I will never get used to the memory of dementia and all it brought to our door and my wee amazing mums life. but I will have to get used to not being a Carer  
Collecting life stories raising awareness keeping the promise I made
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