Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Trying to make a difference, words thoughts, and opinions can help

I cared for my wee mum Joan for 5 years until she sadly passed away 6 weeks ago ,Just over a year ago I started my awareness campaign a campaign started with our story and added to by many others .I believe we as carers or people who have cared are best placed to design a better future for others who will face the impact caring has on families, the life stories received to date have  played a massive part in raising awareness over the last year  through motions at councils across local and national media ,reports at social works and talks within the care sector we have the knowledge, experience  our stories our words can be a massive part in helping others ,its to late for my wee mum and others feel the benefits but its not to late for others and the families who will face changes in the future .I hope you  can help me take our live in our words to more councils ,to more talks to feed into Government strategies and policies
I don’t raise money I raise awareness,I am not involved in the tendering or supplying of services I am passionate about making the service better ,better than my mum and I  received along with to many others I am passionate about raising a better understanding than we faced from to many involved in my mums care and my life as a carer
My promise is to continue taking the life stories, thoughts and opinions to a wider society as a son with no agenda or gain but to make things better
I hope you can help me, I hope we can together add our voice and bring our opinions to the table of discussions ,discussions about the future of families who need care or are carers
You can add to joans and the hundreds of others who are part of this awareness campaign by sending your story to tommy@i-woz-there.com  they have been a big part of many things over the last year, we can make them a bigger part of more over the next year

our words can build servces round us NOT US ROUND SERVICES

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