Thursday, 15 November 2012

life stories, I believe in them, you’re words can help

Life stories, why I believe in them and you’re words can help
 I believe in life stories, I believe learning more about us and the lives we lead is the best way to raise awareness, bring more understanding and help our lives in our words without guidance .The life stories I have received to date have been the heart and soul of the work I do as a son, on a voluntary basis and with no agenda but awareness
So far the life stories have been
Taken to the heart of government (and will continue to do so)
Created the Tommyontour film (hopefully Tommyontour 2 will start soon)
Motions at both Glasgow and Edinburgh City Councils (Glasgow has a dementia working group based on this motion)
Reports by Social Work Glasgow   
Reports to the Government and shared with NHS and the carer sector
The basis of talks across the country at local authorities, carer events, Universities, Colleges NHS ,and more
Much media coverage in including national, local TV, radio and Newspapers  
Future plans include
the new 2 year project dementia carer voices in partnership with the alliance Scotland supported by the Scottish government all based on the life stories I have received and people I Have met on my tour
An academic paper on the life stories 
New films
And more awareness, more talks, more motions more understanding, more help
I don’t raise money I do this as a son and I believe the life stories can play their part in future strategies, Policies and absolutely help bring more understanding
They say the pen is mightier than the sword I believe our lives in our words is the most powerful way to raise awareness
You can add you story  ,thoughts ,opinions ,experiances  at to help others who will face dementia or caring in the future
The campaign goes on Tommyontour / Dementia Carer Voices

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