Friday, 30 November 2012

Inspired today at EastRenfrewshire carers and memories FC

Inspired at EastRenfrewshire carers and memories FC today
It was Carer rights day today here in Scotland and I was A Guest speaker at an event to mark this by East Renfrewshire carer .firstly a big thank you to all for the invite especially Mark from the center and Lisa Robertson who works with families in the community also thank you to the carer and people who work in the community for attending and to Cllr Waters and Robertson for attending .I will keep my thoughts about the councilors who after confirming and did not bother to attend for another day and their party leader after all this was about people in their community .but that does not take away fro the privilege it was to speak and the inspiration from the people who I met after my talk. Thank you one and all
I then popped over to Hampden for the public day of memories FC and I have to say what a day I witnessed families and carers from all across joining in for a day of football reminiscence. How much my wee mum and I would have enjoyed a day like today together
Inspired once inspired twice today was a good day
Please see below a wee photo of the team behind memories FC and the team behind my talk at EastRenfrewshire carers


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