Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dementia my motion Glasgow City Council,. City Dementia working group meets Nov 27th #dementia

Back in February I took life stories I receive along with reports to Glasgow City Council and had with great thanks to all the councilors a cross party motion passed
Glasgow city council has set up a cross party dementia working group that will meet this Tuesday for the first time to set up the workings of this group dementia ,organization ,NHS partners carer representatives and myself will be on this working group ,this motion was built on the words and life stories of families who shared their stories with me ,I hope others will add to the life stories  I have to date and keep this working group close to the roots that it has been built on our lives in our words
You can send thoughts opinions or life stories to to help guide the aims and outcomes Thank you and thank you to the amazing families whose stories raised and had this motion passed along with the forming of this group
This is just the beginning your words can help
With thanks to councilors Flanagan, McDonald and Kerr along with Ann cumming from social work Glasgow for the parts they played and support to make this happen
It would be a shame to let it go to waste?
Council recognises the inspirational efforts of Tommy Whitelaw in raising awareness of the issues effecting the carers and families of people suffering from Dementia through his “Tommy on Tour” campaign Council agrees to set-up a Cross Party Working Group to engage with carers and to ensure that the services provided to carers are appropriate to the needs of the carers and those suffering from Dementia and that the Working Group’s findings be presented by Council to the Scottish Government.

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